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 Projects - Photos - Los Altos Hills, CA

My contractor, Biro Construction and I were building an enormous 8100 square foot house with a 3600 square foot basement. We looked at several options for building the walls and selected the EZ-PLY system. We were extremely impressed by both the quality of the product and the service which Pacific Foundation Systems' David Martinson offered. Thanks to both, we were able to complete pouring the concrete for the walls ahead of schedule, and under budget. David was assisting us throughout the course of the project, and ensured its success at every stage. He was courteous, prompt, and always kept his commitments.


The product was easy to use, and the added benefit was that it was a good choice from an environmental perspective, since little waste was created. We are convinced that EZ-PLY was the best choice from both a budgetary and schedule point of view, and that David's expertise and diligence was a key factor in our project's success. I highly recommend Pacific Foundation Systems to anyone considering this type of project.        Sincerely,      Saila Kariat         Los Altos Hills , CA


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