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The EZ-Ply® Cost Estimator is a program that calculates three estimates:

      1. Rental Cost
      2. System Cost Comparisons
      3. Purchase Options

Step 1 - EZ-Ply® Rental Cost Estimate Worksheet

The EZ-Ply® Rental Cost Estimate Worksheet must be completed first.  This worksheet requires wall height, length, thickness, along with the number of fixed and variable angle corners.  In addition, if the wall has ledges (changes in wall thicknesses, ie; 16" to 12" to 8") the number of ledges should be entered. As this information is entered into the worksheet data cells the estimated rental costs, system cost comparisons, and purchase options are calculated. Depending on the speed of your computer the calculation (hesitation) times may vary.

Step 2 - System Cost Comparisons

The cost comparisons are only valid if Step 1 (above) has been completed.  Four systems are compared; the EZ-Ply®, the plywood & "snap-tie", the stacked plank, and the Insulated Concrete Form (ICF's) systems.  You may change the General Cost Assumptions and other data input cells to reflect your experience with the different systems.  All four systems are compared using the same base data and for wall forming only.  Steel placement, footings, and pouring costs are not considered and are assumed to be the same for all systems.

Step 3- EZ-Ply® Purchase Options

Like Step 2 above, the EZ-Ply® Rental Cost Estimate Worksheet must be completed before this step is valid. The purchase options, although very accurate, are not an offer to sell the EZ-Ply® system. Please call 1-800-510-9055 for a firm sales quotation on the system components that fits your needs.

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This worksheet is provided for estimating purposes only. Your actual cost of rental could be more OR less than this estimate based on the final design and elevations of your project. Please use accordingly. Prices subject to change.

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